How S!NG Works

S!NG is the easiest way to put a stamp on an idea, label it as your own, convert to an NFT and stored in a centralized portfolio. They are kept literally at your fingertips. In just a matter of weeks, S!NG will transition into the best place to share those ideas without hesitation, to be a foundation of collaborations large and small, and even to monetize those ideas, those NFTs, when creators are ready. All from that central portfolio.

The Problem

We wanted to be able to share our ideas confidently and hesitation free, without having to lawyer up. Following an idea through the collaboration process and clearly documenting ownership didn't really exist. We wanted something to work in the background, carefully tracking without getting in the way of creativity.

The Solution

NFTs on the blockchain. It's a super-powerful technology that can eliminate confusion of who sent a file, when, and where. Millions of independent servers bear a silent, instant and permanent witness to every file you create. NFTs made from nearly any file type, whether you're a songwriter, photographer, poet, author or inventor, S!NG was made with you in mind.

Who we Are

We are a team of a diversely talented individuals based anywhere from Seattle to Los Angeles to Alberta. We came together as like-minded artists, musicians, engineers, and software pros with a big problem in common: Needing a better way to protect our ideas and share them safely with collaborators, clients, and producers.