“Right now, there’s time to think, grow, & release your work safely.”
DJ Nu-Mark

Creatives are gathering around S!NG to talk about creating, ownership, NFTs and security in 2021.

With NFTs on the blockchain, I don't have to worry anymore if my ideas are actually safe. That's a huge weight lifted.

Justin Pinder /

S!NG makes sure all my assets are protected. Whether it’s music samples, press photos—anything that’s related to my brand—it’s always in one place, ready to share safely.

DJ Rasta Root /

Everything I create has value, even if it’s an idea on paper. The S!NG wallet keeps track of it all.

Warsame Warsame /

Within the S!NG wallet, an idea becomes a living, breathing work. A historical record at the user's fingertips to prove where and when your idea has been.

Raine Maida /

When it comes time for us to create we may borrow from another artist that simply lives in our subconscious mind. Protecting your work can alleviate the headache down the road.

DJ Nu-Mark /

Imagine all the music that flows between a creator and publisher, manager, producer, and so on. It can all get lost in translation. S!NG allows music professionals to track and share their work with confidence.

Ericka J. Coulter /